Maximize ROAS with Audience Targeting

Sébastien Godin

Account Manager

Knowing which audiences to target, which platforms and which advertising tactics to use for each step of the customer journey is not only key to generate traffic to your website, but also revenue for your business.

Each of these steps have their own preferred audiences and advertising tactics, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Here’s an overview of what your customers journey looks like:

What’s important to understand, is that 98% of users will not buy from you the first time they go on your website.

Which is why you need to show your brand multiple times to people before even thinking about getting a sale; 7 in average.

“Selling to a previous client will always be cheaper than acquiring a new client.”

Especially with the rising competition in this digital era, you will need to gain people’s trust before they purchase anything from you.

This is why it’s important to understand who to target, when, where and how, so you can maximize your revenue and return on ad spend.

We always follow the same patterns when it comes to selecting advertising tactics and targeted audiences, so we created a ROAS cheat sheet to follow diligently when setting up a new account.

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