4 Campaign Management Platforms that’ll Grow Your Online Business/Service

Sébastien Godin

Account Manager

Google Adwords

As an Adwords campaign manager, our goal is to get the most out of Adwords using paid search campaigns. Whether it’s writing great ads, re-marketing or as complex as optimizing Google Merchant Center Feeds, one thing’s for certain : in order to get a strong ROI, you need to have some serious Adwords and PPC (Pay Per Click) skills under your belt.

With millions of business’ using Adwords to rank on the first page of Google search results, it’s a no brainer that PPC (pay per click) marketing is one of the most powerful tools a digital marketing agency can harness to grow your account. Word to the wise : If you’re going to choose a digital marketing agency, make sure they’re certified experts in PPC and Adwords.

A great agency will create, manage and constantly optimize your campaigns to create a positive ROI ( return on investment) for your PPC accounts.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The most common mistakes that Adwords campaign managers make is playing it extra safe by having a below average budget and bidding too low.

By having a smaller budget you’re restricting the amount of times your ad shows. In the end, you’re putting a cap on the potential traffic that you can capitalize on from your target audience.  Other factors including the time of day you post your ad also plays a role in limiting the visibility of your ad.

The Trifecta of PPC Campaign Management – Facebook Ads, Bing and Yahoo Ads

Adwords is not the only digital marketing game changer in town. With Facebook having a billion daily active users, their rich targeting and demographic audience offer a unique way to target users that best match your business/service.

Additionally, search engines like Bing and Yahoo offers a paid search option to attract those users who are loyal to them and their search partners. Whether as a program or browser default, contrary to popular belief, people are still using Yahoo and Bing to search the internet.

In the end choosing a campaign platform that’s right for you all depends on your business/services’ needs. What matters the most is knowing how to find the right keywords and optimize your campaigns for the highest ROI. Why lose money doing it yourself when you can have your accounts managed by an Digital marketing agency that eats, breathes and sleeps PPC? (we’re lucky to have supportive partners in our lives ;)

If your objective is to get the most return from your budget, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help!

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