How to Generate High Quality Leads for your business in 5 Minutes or Less

Sébastien Godin

Account Manager

You are a new business owner. 

Your business just saw life and you might be wondering how to grow with a limited marketing budget.

“Where should I put my money first?”  “Which platform or tactic will bring better results?”

Sometimes, you don’t have the time or the money to be experimenting with a bunch of different platforms you aren’t that familiar with. 

This is why we are going to show you in this article How to generate leads for your business in less than 5 minutes, with a fairly limited budget.

We always recommend to start with the Google Adwords Search Network.

Why Google Adwords Search Network?

  1. You will reach people who are actively searching for what you offer
  2. You can reap the benefits of extremely geo-targeted advertising

If you are not familiar with Google Adwords, you probably don’t know all the hidden details that have an impact on a high-performing vs. low-performing campaign.

One of the most important aspects of a high performing campaign is the account structure. There is a metric called the Google Quality Score, and this key metric will have a drastic impact on how much you will pay for your ads. There are many variables that come into play to determine your Quality Score, but this metric is essentially a score of your ad’s relevance to the user researching on Google.

The more relevant your ad is, the less you will pay.

Single Keyword Ad Group

This is why we are using a technique called “Single Keyword Ad Group” (SKAGs).

The idea of SKAGS is to maximize relevance between your search query, keywords, ads and your landing page by showing users exactly what they are searching for.

Since your Ads show exactly what a user searches for, they’ll be more inclined to click on your ad among other sea of Ads. One of our Google Adwords specialists Sebastien lives and breathes keywords, so he built his own tool to create a well optimized campaign using SKAGs in less than 5 minutes.

Luckily, we are giving away this tool for free to help you save time and focus your energy on the huge amount of other tasks a business owner has to do. (and so you don’t end up like this guy...)

By combining our excel tools with the Adwords editor, you’ll be able to :

  • Have flexibility in optimizing your account and bids using the right search terms (not ones Google decides is relevant for you )
  • Structure your account for better quality score and lower CPC (cost per click), which will result in lower CPA (cost per acquisition) as well.

Here are the steps to use the tool properly.

  1. Open the Keyword Builder
  2. Use the exact match sheet and start entering your keywords in the “keyword1-2-3" columns, one word in each cell
  3. All the other sheets will be auto populated
  4. Take the SKAG sheet, choose a campaign name and copy paste all the data into Google Adwords Editor
  5. Take the Adwords Ads template, copy paste campaign name and ad groups names and start writing your ads.
  6. Copy paste all the data into Adwords Editor, and you’re done!

We understand that time is of the essence and you don’t have much of it which is why we’re offering a free download of these tools as well as an explicatory video so you can start generating high quality leads today! Enjoy!


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