Case Study

A Multinational Hat, Outerwear
& Travelwear Retailer

  • 88%

    Increase in
    Return on ad spend

  • 42%

    INcrease in

  • 62%

    INcrease in



Our client is a Canadian based company offering quality hats & travel clothing for both men & women of all ages. Their products are handcrafted by talented artisans purposely suited for people who love the outdoors and live for adventure!


Our client was looking to make an impact during the Black Friday rush and it goes without saying that this is one of the most competitive weeks of the year. We had to find creative ways to end the calendar year with results that would drastically impact their bottom line.


  • Keep a High Return on Ad Spend with a Limited Budget
  • Increase Online Sales On Black Friday


We decided to focus only on small elements of the account that had the best performance, leaving the rest aside. By doubling down on profitable aspects and cutting out non-key factors, we successfully built a high performing Adwords account.

The Process

  • Focused on keywords to bring in revenue and to optimize for ROAS
    A big AdWords account will contain hundreds, if not thousands of different keywords. Being able to match your budget with the volume of impressions that your top converting keywords can provide is extremely important. This allows you to use any budget you have, and take the most out of it, while keeping a desirable volume of traffic to your site.

  • Optimizing for the geos that bring revenue
    Optimizing your campaigns for the top converting geos is extremely important to capitalize on the differences in consumer behaviour in each city, province/state and country. We adjust bids based on the location you are targeting to increase your investments where you need to.

  • Adding audiences to your campaigns and using Search Remarketing.
    On the other hand, when there is a down time in retail sales such as in January and February, concentrating on Concentrating on Search Remarketing allows you to spend less and focus your efforts and investments on users that are most likely to convert. Having harvested valuable data for a long period of time, allows you to take full advantage of your high ROI campaigns during peak seasons.


The latest performance reveals a drastic increase in overall revenue. In June 2017, we reached several milestones with their Adwords accounts, including a 42% increase in sales and 62% revenue ! With close to a ratio of 5:1 ROAS (Return On Advertisement Spending), our client achieved the highest revenue ever for the month of June.

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