Case Study

A Multinational Organic Food Wholesaler

  • 97%

    Increase in
    Return oN ad spend

  • +185%

    e-commerce Conversion rate

  • 2151%

    INcrease in



Our client believes in promoting wholesome living through fresh dried and flavourful high quality products. They offer an assortment of wholesale certified organic products such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, trail mixes, snacks and superfoods.


Our client never had an Adword account set up properly. This hindered sales during their busiest seasons ( such as Black Friday week and the holidays). To expand their reach, we implemented different tactics and networks to accumulate a good amount of data. Based on the results achieved from a series of tests, we optimized their campaigns that were ready just in time for the season!


  • Rectify Adwords Account
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Increase Ecommerce Sales


Through implementing Search Campaigns, we focused on users already interested in their products. By doing so, we were able to capitalize on low- funnel tactics to quickly increase revenue and get a high return on AD Spend. Using Display Remarketing Ads, we were able to re-engage users based on what they were interested in. To generate interest and engagement, we incorporated Facebook Campaigns. This lead to an increase in visitors on-site as well as complete sales funnel conversions.

The Process

  • Search campaigns
    Research and study of branded and non-branded keywords.

  • Search Remarketing campaigns
    Creation of audiences based on each product category of the website to see which ones attracted the most users, and which ones had the best conversion rates.

  • Display Remarketing
    Same audiences as Search Remarketing, based on product category. Segmentation of the audiences had to be aligned with the segmentation of our ad creatives for the best relevance between the user interest and the ad shown to him.

  • Facebook Engagement campaigns
    We used video ads to create interest for the brand. This allowed us first to test which audiences responded best to our ads, but moreover, we could then use retargeting tactics to show ads to the most engaged audiences with discounts to test the products.

Having a good amount of data allowed us to really focus on what worked best, and make the most out of our budget during the rush season. With a return on ads spent of more than 1,200% on Google and more than 500% on Facebook all with a volume way bigger than they had previously.

We achieved an increase of 7,166.67% in transactions, 185.82% in E-Commerce Conversion Rate and 2,151.35% in Revenue with only 1,040.98% more budget allocated.


Not only did we grow the volume of the account, but we also achieved it by optimizing our budget with the data collected. We boosted the return on ad spend from 355% to 700% (what we achieved during rush season) which was an increase of +97%.

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